Halloween is “the scariest party” of the year, symbolized all around the world by Jack-o’-lantern, the mythical pumpkin carved into decorative lantern in order to recreate a chilling atmosphere with its evil image.

Originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, Halloween is a celebration observed on 31 October.

Despite different traditions, everyone wants to have fun in the same way. So, ghost and witch costumes and the timeless Jack-o’-lantern!

Celebrate Halloween could also mean to set a themed table using the symbols of this celebration.

According to Easy Life, this is a good occasion to set a table with style. That’s how!

Pumpkin centerpieces, brightly colored napkins and chilling hangings are the starting points. What to add?

Orange accessories, like Jack-o’-lantern, for example!

Easy Life chooses plates, cups and napkins of Alhambra & Granada Collection, porcelain products decorated by orange geometric shapes that emphasize the celebration and give a touch of chic style.

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However, Halloween protagonists are sweets and cakes.

As a matter of fact, isn’t the phrase trick or treat? very widespread?

So Easy Life collections offer plenty of kitchen accessories which allow you to serve on your table lots of sweets!

If you want to prepare handmade cakes and sweets, porcelain cake pan of Kitchen Elements Collection will be an extraordinary item in your kitchen.

Porcelain two-tier cake plate will be a good accessory if you want to serve your handmade sweets and cakes in the best way. For example, two-tier cake plate of Faded Dreams Collection has a pattern that emphasizes the autumn theme and it is therefore perfect to celebrate a typical occasion of this season.

If you prefer to serve cakes on several plates, there are porcelain dessert plates of Bohemian Collection, that give a touch of quality on your table thanks to their bright colours.

On the contrary, if you want a more neutral style, the choice could be the dessert plates of Kitchen Elements Collection, modern thanks to their rounded shape.

Regardless of the choise, however, at Halloween the most important thing is to present your sweets in the best way!

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