For years we all believed that the only way to set a table was with matching sets of dishes. Finally, interior designers and trend hunters understood that to set an entire table with the same pieces can be a bit boring.

So the new interior design trend says: “We love the art of the mix. Don’t be afraid of mixing vintage and new when it comes to table settings. It brings character and whimsey.”

Let's discover our new collection Abitare

Easy Life has appreciated a lot this new way of setting a table and decided to create one new collection, inspired by the “mismatching dishes trend”.

Abitare is the result: different shapes and colours together in only one porcelain set. In this collection you can find dinner plates, bowls, cups, dessert plates and mugs that have not the same design. They match each other thanks for their researched mismatched design.

Create your own mismatched table without errors

Our designers studied schemes of colours and shapes to obtain this wonderful result. Did you always want to set your table in a mismatched way but you were afraid of the result? Abitare is the best solution: one set that allows you to have a mismatched table without making errors.
Do you want to add some of your vintage pieces? No worry, you can do it following our advice below.

First advice: follow a colour code

One way to unite a mismatched table setting is to pick a colour scheme and run with it! Don’t be afraid to layer different patterns if they have the same colours. Just like with clothing, different patterns can play nicely together to create a lovely layered effect.
Identify what colour will be your mismatched set’s ground and select patterns with the same colours values or intensity.
For example: you can not mix bold colours with pastel ones.

Second advice: choose pattern that play nice together

Experts tell us that mixing up small patterns with larger patterns gives the most pleasing look. Also choosing a theme can help: flowers with flowers, birds with birds, geometric shapes with geometric shapes and so on.
Step by step to come to a wonderful result.

Third advice: mind your materials

You should pay close attention to the materials of the dishes you chose as well. Keep similar materials on your table: the final result will be more lovely. Materials on the table must have similar weights.
For example, don’t mix porcelain with ironstone.

Cos'è Abitare?

So, do you like the mismatched table look or do you prefer all matching sets?

They are merging as a bold new way to embrace the blossoming interior maximalist trend and add an element of fun to the table!

And Easy Life is, as always, on trend!

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