How to ask for a return

If you want or need to ask for a return you always have to contact Teamecommerce via email. To make the procedure faster we invite you to use the RETURN FORM and to print the PRECOMPILED LABEL. In alternative you can also contect us at [email protected], use the online chat or call us at (+39) 0354491296.
Once we received your return request we will assess it and we’ll accept it or not based on each case, attaching the complete instructions of how to make the return. NO RETURN will be accepted if not preventively accepted in written form.

Requirements needed a refund

Every return products will have to be in the condition state as they were at the moment of the order, as brand new to be re-selled again. All the labels, seals, boxes and original cases has to be intact and rendered. If these conditions will not be observed the product will be considered as “USED”  and it will be shipped again to the sender in charge with all the shipping costs OR will be withheld with a penalty from 60% to 80% of the purchase value, based on the conditions of the return product.

Shipping costs for returns

In the following table you can see the average charge for shipping costs of returns. If you have questions about it please contact the Customer Service sending an email at [email protected].

Reason for return Costs and Transport borne by
Non-compliant product
Product arrived damaged
Right to Withdraw Customer