Monsoon ispirata all'arte persiana

For thousands of years artisans of Persian have produced decorations and art that have inspired artisans from all over the world. European merchants have given a name to this fascinating art soon. Portogues called it Pintado, Dutches called it Sitz and English called it Chintz.

Easy Life has been inspired by this beautiful art as well and decided to create a special collection called Monsoon, dedicated to persian art and its famous ceramics.

Let's discover together the history of Persian art

Persian pottery has a very long history, which goes back to the 7th millennium BC, the historical period known as Neolithic Age. Persian pottery has been one of the oldest to be created, and became famous for the perfection of its works.

Persian pottery developed mostly during the Islamic period. The pieces that were produced during this time were usually decorated with polychrome figures, naturalistic motifs, metallic glazes and a lot of blue, one of the most used colour in this culture.

Love at first sight

The enameled result was one of the innovations in pottery during this period. All the creations, indeed, had a pleasing luster finish. These pieces were further embellished with gold and silver designs, that gave a metallic look to the final result.

Years after years Persian ceramics came to its glory: this art found a solid place in the European market. Persian pottery was not only bought by a lot of people but inspired also a lot of European art creations. As a matter of fact today a lot of Persian pottery can be seen in Western Museums

A timeless source of inspiration

This is the history of the beautiful art that has inspired Easy Life designers to create Monsoon, new collection dedicated to Persian culture.

The set is composed of mugs, cups and trays available in different sizes. You can find items with the characteristics that have signed the history of this beautiful art. The mugs of Monsoon collection are decorated with a lot of colours, from blue to red, some metal signs and little patterns that reminds us of mosaics, a characteristic element of ancient Persian art.

Monsoon is the perfect set to enjoy tea, following magical persian traditions.

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