Nuova collezione in porcellana bone china

New month new collection: Easy Life presents the second edition of the Majestic collection, one of the most sold items during this period. Such an elegant and fresh collection, it is now available in its floreal version called Majestic Flowers.

Bone china porcelain: the exclusive material that everyone wants

Easy Life knows porcelain so well, it has worked with this material since the birth of the brand. It knows every secret of the porcelain, its strengths and weaknesses and obviously bone china porcelain is part of the brand know-how as well. But only some of the brand collections are made of bone china porcelain and these are the precious ones.

Bone china sets are even more appreciated and loved by people: the reason for this popularity is found in the typical and special resistance of this material. Bone china plates can be used every day, they last for a long time and they resist impact.

Majestic Flowers: a complete set made of bone china

The beautiful design of this collection will certainly receive good impressions from all your guests. Moreover, you can impress them all the time, from the beginning of the meal to the end of it.

The Majestic Flowers collection offers plates of different shapes, trays and tea-set composed of cups, teapot and many useful objects. This complete collection will soon become your party best friend.

Harmony and resistance together in one set

Majestic Flowers will surely bring elegance to your table: baby blue background, tiny pink flowers and a touch of gold that bring majesty to the final design are refined elements.

Match table elements, make colours and shapes uniform are great habits that will bring elegance and harmony to your house.

The first Majestic collection has elegant butterflies as subjects, with baby pink background and the same gold touch. Easy Life designers advice customers to match together the two Majestic collections, flowers and butterflies will make your table setting unique!

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