Collezione Easy Life stile mediterraneo

Easy Life created a new collection called Mediterraneo. This is the perfect summer collection: so colourful and fresh, it will bring so much happiness to your table. This new collection wants to “move the sea” to those places where the sea is so far away.

Let’s discover together the general meaning of Mediterranean style and all the ways you can use to create it at your place.

How Mediterranean style is?

Mediterranean style evokes romance, smells, tastes and colours typical of the southern coast of Europe and it’s totally influenced by this thousand-year old culture. It’s a colourful and pleasing design that brings a touch of Mediterranean atmosphere even to the most northern home.

The style takes inspiration from the elements of this region: its turquoise water, the sparkling sun, and the majestic flowers all around. All these colours and smells are mirrored in Mediterranean style.

How to style your house in a Mediterranean way

Are you a Mediterranean lover? Would you like to have this atmosphere all year long in your house? Here you find some tricks to style your place in a Mediterranean design.

  • Use a colourful porcelain set that takes inspiration from old hand painted pottery. Our new Mediterraneo collection has all these features. Colours of sea and sun together with oriental arabesque. Even if you use a white tablecloth your table setting will perfectly be in style.
  • Use natural colours by bringing to the table green olives, tomatoes and basil.Use them instead of flowers all around the house, it immediately starts looking like a real Mediterranean styled home.
  • Use succulent plants. This kind of plant is part of the typical Mediterranean vegetation. They can be put at the centre of your table or all around the house.

Bringing happiness and colours to the table and house is the real aim of the Mediterranean style and this is the aim of our new Mediterraneo collection too. Easy Life designers decided to create this collection hoping that it will make every kitchen atmosphere happier.