Nuova collezione stile boho chic

Are you a Boho Chic style lover and always want to create a Boho Chic table setting? Interiors collection is the solution.

The Boho Chic style is defined as a freestyle: it has no lines to follow and any kind of styles can be mixed without any worries. It’s a style for a strong personality. It takes inspiration from handcrafted furniture, oriental details and vivid colours. These are all features that can’t be missed on a Boho Chic table.

Why is Interiors collection perfect for a Boho Chic setting?

As we saw for the first time the Interiors collection we immediately imaged a table setted with a variety of materials and a wide range of colours: this collection fits perfectly the Boho Chic style. Let’s discover together which are the features that make Interiors collection so tasteful.

First of all its combination of colours that create magical, cheerful and colourful spaces. Everyone can find the greatest combination of colours by mixing all the colours together. In fact, both vivid and neutral colours have a place in this type of decoration.

Second one, plates, bowls and mugs of Interiors collection have all irregular and innovative shapes. These shapes, different one from the others, remind us of vintage objects, perfect to give personality to your boho chic table setting. They are a return to the origins!

How to set a Boho Chic table

Colours are the main answers to all questions about Boho Chic style. Moody shades, super bright shades or neutral ones, in fact you can use any kind of colours on your Boho Chic table.

Mix textures: wooden table, runners of different fabrics and colours and lamps over the table. Don’t miss any of them!

Use fresh greenery, air and succulent plants: you can place them into terrariums or on stands. Using plants and blooms is a very eco-friendly idea, which perfectly fits Boho Chic style. So don’t be afraid to use them.

Decor your table with coloured glasses and porcelain plates (like items of Interiors collection). Elegant metallic cutlery is a great touch to the table too.

What can you do now?
You could buy our new Interiors collection, read our advice and create your limitless and colourful Boho Chic table setting.