Amazonia collezione jungle style

Easy Life typical elegance mixed with the jungle style gave birth to a new top trend collection called Amazonia. It consists in tropical leaves and blank gold-rimmed plates that will bring tropical atmosphere into your home.

Why you should bring jungle style to your table?

Choosing jungle style for your kitchen could be a great idea, especially if you are interested in interior design trends and if you love taking care of it. Jungle style is one of top trend interior design of the year: young and fashion addicted people love it.

Choosing our Amazonia collection, you will match all your house design: from the kitchen to the bathroom, wallpaper and pillows included. Green is the perfect colour, is enough to have it in corners of your rooms and immediately your house starts to look like an urban jungle.

Why you should choose the Amazonia collection?

Our Amazonia collection is a complete set of porcelain dishes: not only plates but also mugs, cups of coffee and cups of tea with teapot. Easy Life Amazonia collection can satisfy any customers’ needs.

Jungle style and its emotions

What we love most about this collection is its reference to nature. Its green leaves bring positivity and fresh air into our house, removing the stress and the grey atmosphere of city life – It is not news that plants are useful for our mood.

Amazonia: an elegant jungle style

Easy Life designers wanted to create a jungle style collection without losing elegance, the main characteristic of the brand. In this way they avoided big leaves and intense shades, using in place of them a pure white background, tiny leaves on the border of plates and a touch of gold on the rim.

“We recreate the perfect balance between green and city, between shabby and elegant, between porcelain and company and Amazonia comes out.”

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