La nuova collezione


The last Easy Life bone china collection is one of the most elegant collections ever thanks to its spring colours and patterns.
The Majestic set fits perfectly to a Shabby Chic House, one of the top interior design trends of the time. This collection has been created  mainly for people who love Spring, the season of new beginnings, whatever their house design is. 

The high quality material and the great design make together Majestic Butterfly a  real masterpiece.

What will customers love about this collection?

Bone china porcelain offers more durability than common porcelain and for this reason is one of the most used materials in our sector. Most of the famous porcelain brands have it in their collections.
One of them also proved that 6 coffee cups made of Bone China could bear the weight of a Rolls-Royce. Could you believe this? Rolls-Royce or not, bone china porcelain lasts for a lot of years and that’s sure. 

Easy Life customers love our Bone China collectionsMajestic Butterfly is only the latest! Everyone chooses these collections because they represent the perfect mix of three main characteristics of our brand: elegance, quality and durability.

Why do we often choose bone china porcelain?

Our designers choose everyday bone china porcelain as well. Are you asking why?  Because we love it as our customers do.

We perfectly know how bone china is made and that’s why we choose it. We know the making process, the forming, the glazing and the decorating fase and we are sure that no other material can have all these amazing features and qualities.

Thanks to Bone China porcelain our creativity and ideas became luxury products that will last an entire life.

What are the main characteristics of this new collection?

Every new collection is a new challenge for our designers.

This time we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of Arrival of Spring. That’s why we choose butterflies, pink colour and gold pattern: delicate but at the same time precious elements that can underline the main characteristics of the season of new beginnings: its elegance and preciousness.

“When flowers blossom, Spring fragrance comes into our house. When flowers start to smell, butterflies come. We decided to tell this story made of Spring and elegance.”

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