When people love art, also love travelling to discover it around the world.

Their favourite hobby is visiting museums or the most beautiful cities of art in order to admire buildings architecture and decorations.

However, they underlight their own identity thanks to art and the house is the ideal place to express them by refined and original home furnishings.

The kitchen could be, for example, another ideal place!

Easy Life, obviously, considers the art an essential subject which distinguish its creations.

That’s why Easy Life collections recall the creative world of art, able to give emotions.

In this article, there are some wonderful examples!

Maiolica Collection

The word majolica is used to identify a type of pottery made in Maiorca, the Spanish island that represented the crucial centre of its production in the Middle Ages.

The wonderful patterns of majolica are also typical in Maiolica Collection.

Intense colours and careful decorations characterize each porcelain item of the collection. These accessories show the attention to detail and the elegance of Spanish art.

Casa Decor Collection

A lot of squares, different from each other, decorate the items of Casa Decor Collection. All these squares recall tiny tiles, like the tiles that embellish the wall of a house. Geometric shapes are combined in a masterful way and cover the surface of the items. Like a house, also a table can be decorated by products that underlight the peculiarity of decorations.

Art & Craft Collection

Art & Craft Collection is characterized by charming patterns and intense colours.

Variegated designs are the particular feature of these products. So, people which are keen on art can create a beautiful table. For example, this collection and a monochromatic one match perfectly!

Masterpiece Collection

Products of Masterpiece Collection have an extraordinary design: a lot of masterpieces! Paintings by some of the most famous artists of modern and contemporary art are the protagonists of this fantastic collection.

So, you can choose among paintings by Gaugin, Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt and so on.

Thanks to this collection, you are spoiled for choise!

Art Around the World Collection

Art Around the World is a collection which contains the art of the world, just like the name says.

Each product recalls colours and environments of the whole world.

The patterns of some coffee cups show, for example, a form of Portuguese and Spanish art called Azulejo, or Persian art, composed of colours that are typical of the East, and so on.

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