How many times have you spent your weekends walking on mountain paths or through the wood in order to admire the wonders of the nature around you?

During this kind of trips, the features that people love are peace and tranquility typical of outdoor seats.

Harmony and simplicity of nature, as the matter of fact, are special!

When people love nature so much, they want to remember it at home too. In their kitchen, for exemple!

Cooking fanciful food is a fantastic idea. Another fantastic idea is a hot drink to discover the relax typical of outdoor seats.

Have you ever thought about Nature as pattern on your kitchen accessories?

Collezione Natura

A lot of people set their table in a plain but not banal way, using accessories able to describe the tranquility of nature.

It is not difficult to create this beautiful kind of table decor!

In fact, it isn’t difficult using items that underline the harmony that nature gives us.

Easy Life is usually inspired by the tones and simple beauty of nature. The result is the creation of a wonderful collection whose design recalls tranquility and harmony. A collection which bears its name!

File rouge of the whole Natura collection is a particular pattern of leaves and twigs which distinguishes all the items.

Serving platters and plates that recall leaves shapes, teapots combined with cups and acacia saucers. Napkins decorated by the same design complete the collection.

The combination of porcelain and acacia catch your eye. Porcelain is white, delicate and it can underline the simplicity; acacia recalls the wood.

Thanks to this combination, the style of this collection is wonderful and unparalleled.

Words which describe these items in the better way are elegance and harmony!

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