World Pasta Day, an event which celebrates pasta as the main diet food in the world, has been celebrated on 25 October since 1998.

The 21th World Pasta Day is organized by AIDEPI and IPO (International Pasta Organization) in order to promote this healthy and sustainable food whose consumption has gone up so much in the last few years.

Italy is a leader in pasta production and consumption, but also the other countries all over the world love this food; consequently experts talk about pasta as a global food, despite its tradition.

On the occasion of an event which is dedicated to this delicious popular food, Easy Life suggests some collections, a beautiful gift idea for people who love cooking pasta, a fundamental ingredient for their recipes.

Kitchen Basic Collection

Pasta bowls, spoon rests, plates, bowls, mortar and pestle are Kitchen Basic collection items.

This porcelain collection talk about pasta as a staple food of Italian cuisine.

Each article is decorated by special black writings about food: tomatos, basil, cheese and, obviously, pasta!

This collection is perfect for pasta lovers!

1801 OGLB

Origin Collection

Pasta is traditionally produced by hand, sometimes at home. This type of production recalls perfectly Origin, a collection made by hand. Its colour grey with other colours brushstrokes underline this feature.

This collection is appropriate for people who love making pasta by hand!

Cuisine Maison Collection

There are a lot of events where pasta is the main food on the table. Above all when families eat together for happy anniversaries.

Cuisine Maison collection could be a wonderful gift idea for people who want to create the sweet atmoshere of grandmother cuisine.

Each item is decorated by different designs: pot-herbs that remind homemade flavors or checked red and white designs that recall retro style.


Alhambra e Granada Collection

There are Easy Life collections which satisfied people who prefer to mix traditional flavours and new original recipes.

Would you like to make a present to a special person who loves cooking with exotic ingredients?

Alhambra & Granada collection could be a good choise because thanks to its colours and designs underlines exotic atmospheres.

Pasta can stand out thanks to a lot of Easy Life items, in particolar during World Pasta Day.

Discover Easy Life collections!

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