Did you know that on 14 October the world celebrates Dessert Day?

A lot of people think that the dessert is the most rewarding moment of the meal.

Shouldn’t you overdo desserts? As a matter of fact, it is helpful to choose a balanced and healthy diet.

Today, however, eating your favourite sweet food could be adviced in order to celebrate Dessert Day, that is the day dedicated to desserts.

So, forget the diet and take advantage of the most delicious day of the year!

What is dessert, exactly? When we talk about desserts, we refer to a wide variety of food: not only sweet food but also fresh or dried fruit and food served on the table at the end of main courses.

Regardless of its meaning, however, the sure thing is that the dessert should be served in the best way on the table.

On the occasion of Dessert Day, a lot of Easy Life items are perfect to show up desserts on your table! A feast of the eye!

If you are good at preparing cakes

Are cakes your favourite sweet food?

Fruit tarts, chocolate or custard cakes… According to you every cake is delicious, consequently this is the sweet food you prefer for your guests.

In this case, two tier cake plate, in Palace Garden collection, is perfect for you!

Needful item for people who love offering their cakes on the table, two tier cake plates are made in bone china, with soft designs that underline every kind of cake in the best way.


If your favourite sweet food is ice cream

There are a lot of desserts created by new and innovative recipes. However, ice cream is your favourite dessert.

So, you could serve ice cream in the beautiful porcelain ice cream bowls of Kitchen Elements collection. The nice writing “Life is better with Ice Cream” catch your eye on the bowls with porcelain spoons.

If you prefer American cookery

Sets of porcelain dessert plates of Elegance collection are soft pink with gold polka dots, elements that underline its refinement.

A delicious looking cupcake is represented on each plate and could be combined to your cupcakes!

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If you love fruit

In this case, Indigo collection could be the perfect choice because it offers, among its products, places that are suitable to serve fruit on your table.

Beautiful colours and designs give the table a modern style!

And you? What is your favourite dessert?

Discover Easy Life collections and choose the items you prefer to serve on your table the protagonists of this special day!

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