A lot of people wonder how to set an autumn-themed table in order to create a new style in their kitchen. A perfectly suitable style for the new season.

That’s why this article could be really useful!

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to summer!

During the summer holidays we are carefree but daily rhythms of work and school, which start in autumn, cause sadness and bad mood.

However, autumn is a very fascinating period!

This phase of the year conventionally starts on 23 September and continue until the winter frost.

Compared to summer, autumn is characterized by completely different colours and scents. But these colours and scents are equally suggestive!

The absolute protagonist is nature which changes around us.

During a walk in a park or in a wood, for example, we can admire a particular phenomenon commonly called foliage. The leaves fall from the trees and have various shades of red, orange, yellow and brown.

Landscapes characterized by this fascinating event become special protagonists for wonderful pictures.

However, during the fall season not only the nature but also the table changes!

We are not just talking about food. The kitchen accessories we use to present our autumn recipes are completly different and describe the nature around us.

Easy Life has chosen some collections of its which are suitable for setting your autumn-themed table!

Nature: absolute protagonist

Faded Dream, thanks to its impressive graphics, talk about autumn season.

Deciduous trees and wood grain, drawn on kitchen accessories, underline the name of this wonderful collection, faded dream.

922 DRAM box
1269 MATE

Cold tea in the afternoon

Do you like sitting at the table for a cup of tea, maybe also for a cake, to relax during a cold autumn afternoon?

Maison Chic collection is perfect for the tea ritual. This is a collection of elegance and refinement thanks to its items. Porcelain cups, teapots and cake service plates are white with gold details.

Autumn: season of harvest

Autumn is the season of the harvest. So, you have the opportunity to prepare tasty aperitives with World of cheese, a modern collection composed of trays and serving boards. Like a blackboard, the surface of each article is rich in writings and designs about food.

It makes your mouth water!

888 WOCH + ambientata
1210 AMBY

Colours of stones, colours of nature

Environment collection is composed of stoneware plates and cups inspired by the colour of the stones. Blue, green, gray, pink and yellow represent respectively cobalt, jade, stone, quartz and amber. Embroidery and stones catch your eye, value this collection and talk about the environment around you.

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