Olive oil has always been considered a very precious product in the kitchen and one of the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet.

It is a fat obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, typical of the Mediterranean region and a universal symbol of peace and friendship.

Its qualities are recognised all over the world because it is rich in health benefits.

Easy Life, inspired by Mediterranean food, has decided to dedicate one collection of its to olive oil. Thanks to its benefits, it has been part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010.

Douce Provence is an Easy Life collection dedicated to people who love olive oil and use it as an ingredient for their recipes.

But it is not just an excellent food!

You can add a touch of beauty to your table thanks to kitchen accessories whose patterns recall the main food of your delicious recipes.

Douce Provence collection is composed of porcelain accessories that talk about olive oil thanks to beautiful graphics. These graphics show the olive tree and its fruits.

A French writing, Huile d’olive, is green to recall the colour of olive trees. Other French writings appear in order to emphasize Provence, the French region which, thanks to its climate and soil, is considerated the largest producer of olive oil in France.

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Olive oil is a product used in cooking both as a basic ingredient in kitchen preparations and as a condiment. Consequently, the collection dedicated to it is made up of accessories that enhance it in the best way.

In primis there is the porcelain oil bottle, an elegant and refined accessory.

Aperitif accessories are modern and pleasant and olives are the main protagonists.

We cannot obviously miss the napkins, whose pattern show the collection theme embellishing it with that extra touch that really makes the difference.

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Discover Douce Provence collection dedicated to olive oil and all Easy Life collections!

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