Nowadays the passion for retro and vintage styles, fashions and artistic atmospheres is particularly strong. A lot of people, as a matter of fact, love these styles and want to recreate them.

We do not refer only to clothing, with eclectic dresses that recall the Forties and Fifties, but also to home furnishings, because our home is the ideal place where we can show our personality in the best way.

Togheter with the furnishing, and its refined details, even the table plays an important role as it can represent a beautiful and original environment, able to propose the atmosphere of the past by plates, napkins and cups.

Fascinating and creative graphics that recall retro and vintage styles are the protagonists of some Easy Life collections!

Here are three proposals!

Retro Break Collection

Losing yourself in the past is really simple using cups of Retro Break Collection.

The white colour is the background to other brightly shades and patterns that recall the old advertisement of both television and posters.

Beautiful accessories, perfect for people who have nostalgia for a timeless style.

Cuisine Maison Collection

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a child again. Maybe at Grandma’s house for a lunch with the whole family.

Cuisine Maison Collection wants to recreate this atmosphere by two kinds of wonderful patterns.

On the one hand, a particular pattern, composed of delicate graphics, shows aromatic herbs used in cooking. On the other hand, a red and white checkered pattern recalls gingham style, typically vintage. This beautiful design characterizes vintage 40s dresses but also aprons used in the kitchen by our grandmothers. Furthermore, there are graphics that recall the rustic and fabulous reality of the old farms.

Happy Life Collection

Vintage advertising graphics and posters are remembered masterfully on the cups of Happy Life Collection. Delicious cupcakes and lovely dogs and cats are illustrated on these table accessories. In addition, charming writings in colours that immerse in the past people who bring these very special Easy Life products to their table.

Discover Easy Life collections which recall retro and vintage styles!


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