Nowadays more and more people are opting for an ultra modern style in home furnishings.

Stylized designs, geometric shapes and minimal finishes are the key words to keep in mind when you want to create a trend that reflects the contemporary world.

The originality of the ultra modern style is, in particular, the adoption of an essential chromaticity by the choice of two neutral colours par excellence, black and white.

When it comes to ultra modern style, we don’t restrict ourselves to only choosing furniture, but also furnishing accessories.

Easy Life has chosen some collections that represent wonderful ideas for people who love setting their table by the originality and creativity typical of the most contemporary style.

Urban Chic collection

There are stylized geometric shapes and more sobdued ones that give the collection a chic look.

As always, also in this case the protagonists are black and white colours.

However, some products, cups and saucers in particular, have a few touches of colours by yellow and red lines on the edges.

Therefore, Urban chic is a collection suitable for people who consider the neutral colours par excellence the maximum of elegance without giving up attractive colour combinations.

Organic collection

Circles, lines and points are the protagonists of Organic collection, whose name recalls the world of molecular biology, that is the world from which it is inspired.

Abstract patterns where black and white are combined with shades of yellow, gold and red. Even in this case, therefore, the ultra modern style is characterized by the play of contrasts.

Dynamism is the watchword in a collection that recalls the continuous movement of each element.

Kitchen Elements collection

Elegant and refined black on white writings are the undisputed protagonists of Kitchen Elements collection, in which white prevails.

But exactly these writings make the difference because each of them recalls the art of cooking and good food.

Rounded shapes and chromatic combinations that refer to the world of the table are the distinctive elements of this ultra modern collection,.

1905 KITE

Kitchen Basic collection

Linear and captiving, Kitchen Basic collection is composed of pieces where white is the predominant colour.

There are also the colour black of a writing that recalls the name of the collection, and some images of the food.

The red of tomatoes and peppers, the green of olives anc basil are some examples for these accessories that prefer a minimal design.

Les Delices des Gourmets collection

Cheese boards, aperitif sets and plates characterize Les Delices Des Gourmets collection.

Two-colour pattern here makes the difference, with an eye-catching design on each piece that recalls the name of the line.

In order to integrate the whole collection there are bamboo trays.

The style is elegant and allows you to set a refined table, ideal for people who want to serve wonderful aperitifs.

810 DEGO

Discover all Easy Life collections and choose your favourite ultra modern style!

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