Tazze da colazione Easy Life

After the relaxing holidays, it’s back to work. Getting back to the same routine is hard, isn’t it? Especially when we are used to the relaxaction typical of summer holidays.

Therefore, it is important to start with the habits that we like and that give us strength to start the day well. Good habits usually mean starting the day with a good breakfast! According to many people, breakfast is very good thanks to our favourite cup.

What’s your favourite cup? Easy Life wants to offer a lot of collections. Returning to work is easy with Easy Life cups!

tazze da colazione coffee or tea

Breakfast cup: one for each style

Take a lot at the porcelain breakfast cups with saucer of Moonson Collection. Special designs, different colors and a harmonious result.

And what about the porcelain cups of Coffee or Tea Collection? There are mugs in sweet pastel colours to start the day peacefully. Each one carries an inscription indicating one’s favourite hot drink: coffee or tea? Good morning, Coffee therapy, but first tea, A cup of coffee solves everything are some of the messages written on those porcelain mugs.

Heritage Collection is the perfect tea set composed of porcelain single mugs, tea pots and creamer & sugar sets. Every item is characterized by pastel shades surrounded by hand-painted gold borders and floreal motifs for a very classic style. In fact, the name Heritage recalls the charm of the past.

Tazze da colazione coffee time

Coffee cup: which style to choose?

If you want to emphasize your love for coffee, It’s a Coffee Time is the ideal collection. The design is very modern with wonderful chalkboard effect mugs.

But if you prefer more colorful, original and creative coffee sets, you can choose Iznik Collection. Exotic flowers are the subjects of this collection composed of espresso cups with bamboo saucers. Thanks to Iznik Collection, you have the charm of exotic countries on your table.

Do you love art? The perfect Easy Life Collection is named Modernism. Espresso cups takes inspiration from Cubism and Modern Art with a colorful and special design.

Travel Mug

Travel Mug: an ecological choice

The double porcelain wall keeps the heat of the contents longer. It is a fashionable item to drink your favourite drink outdoors, and it is also an ecological product. The travel mugs are capacious and very colourful. Each one carries an inscription to emphasize relaxaction while we drink our favourite hot drink, for example: Live the life you love, Enjoy the little things, Live every moment, Follow your dreams, Good things take time and But first coffee.

A lot of ideas to choose your favourite breakfast cup. A lot of ideas for returning to work with happiness after summer.