We dream of Summer and the Sea, also on the table, with a perfect Sea Themed Table. Would you like to know how? Let’s take a look closer at Easy Life collections!

Summer is here with the happiness, the lightheartedness and the relaxation typical of this season. This atmosphere of tranquility and vitality is often on your table; we can find a delicious seasonal food but also a lot of gorgeous motifs on your sets of dishes. In fact, according to many people Summer and the sea are a winning combination; therefore, setting a Sea Themed Table can be a very nice suggestion and the result is wonderful. 

Easy Life offers a lot of collections to set a successful Sea Themed Table. Let’s take a look at Easy Life collections that recall beautiful seascapes.

Bord de Mer Collection: the sea on your table

Let’s start with a collection where the sea is the absolute star. Close your eyes and imagine summer with hot sun and sparkling sea water. Thanks to Bord de Mer, we can think of a wonderful sunny summer day… and the sea is on the table!

Irregular shapes, blue navy stripes, a bright white background and many fishes all over the porcelain. The collection is composed of a wide range of items: fish-shaped bowls are on a little bamboo saucer and represent a very nice appetizer set; to complete it all, there are big mugs, sets of cups with blue saucers, serving platters and paper napkins. Each item of Bord de Mer Collection is decorated by the same design.

Mistral collection: the charm of the sea, the charm of the beach

Just like Bord de Mer, Mistral Collection too recalls the sea and its atmosphere. Here there are all the colors of the seascapes, namely white and blue, with their shapes. The design is beautiful thanks to different shells, starfish and elegant writings, for example Bord de Mer, à la plage, Sea Life, Soleil, Coastal. The motifs are blue navy stripes that recall the marine style.

Mistal Collection is composed of mugs, cups and all the items typical of an appetizer set. There are porcelain appetizer bowls with 8 olive picks and a bamboo holder and sets of 3 porcelain bowls with spoons and a bamboo saucer. Finally, the table mats double side are perfect to complete this sea themed appetizer.

Sea Shore Collection: the dream of being on the seashore

Colors, shades, design. In this collection, everything recalls the funny atmosphere, typical of a day spent on the beach.

Through Sea Shore Collection, Easy Life wants to tell you about the sea in its simplicity and its beauty; the table setting is wonderful. The main color is blue, alternated with light blue, water green and white; the abstract motifs recall the movement of the waves. Fishes must not be missing: in these sets of dishes, in fact, there are some fish-shaped bowls with bamboo saucers for the perfect appetizer set.

By the sea or at home, while spending carefree summer days, setting a sea themed table is an original solution to amaze your family or your guests.