Summer is around the corner and the table has a new image thanks to a new inspiration. Setting a Summer Table is enjoyable when there are many creative and original suggestions.

Thanks to Easy Life Collections, we can have a lot of ideas to set a gorgeous Summer Table!

Useful tips for setting a Summer Table

Summer is a very cheerful period, the season of holiday and relaxation. During these months, changing the look is frequent thanks to bright colors. There is also the intention to give a new image to one’s home with new furnishing accessories, and a new summer tablescape.

What could be the best suggestions for setting a Summer Table in an original way that will amaze your guests?

It’s very important to realize what kind of tablescape you want to create. First of all, a simple and colored tablescape style is a very good idea.

The tablecloth should be made of a light fabric, preferably white, the perfect background for all the things you would like to decorate your table with. The ideal colors for a Summer Table are yellow like the sun, light blue like a clear sky and blue like the sea; but any bright color is perfect to describe the Summer Season.

And the centerpieces? Here are some examples: baskets with seasonal fruit, vases with summer flowers or sand and shells, and so on. The most important thing is to choose a summer theme. And finally, the exclusive touch of the sets of dishes must not be missing.

Easy Life offers numerous and various collections that perfectly reflect the summer season. Let’s take a look closer at the collections!

Summer on the table: seasonal colors and flavors

Capri Collection: a unique atmosphere. The beautiful island of the Gulf of Naples gives its name to a collection rich in charm and elegance. Colors and flavors are the stars of the design, where there is the beauty of the sea and the landscapeIn particular, lemon trees are represented here. Can you smell the perfume? Beautiful blue and yellow decorations are the background of Capri, the perfect collection for an elegant and refined Summer Table. The pieces of the collection are various: sets of soup and dinner plates are matched to bowls and cups. Every piece is made of porcelain. The goal of the collection is to recreate on your table the same atmosphere you can live in Capri.

Amalfi Collection: the scent of lemon trees. Italy is a country rich in wonderful beauties. Amalfi in one of these beauties! So, Easy Life celebrates it with a gorgeous collection that is called Amalfi. Since this place is a typical summer tourist destination, the collection makes you recall the days spent on the coast during the Summer. The sea, the sun and, above all, lemon trees. This land in Italy, in fact, is surrounded by lemons, a product of Amalfi Coast with extraordinary qualities making them famous all over the world. In addition to a lot of writings, which represent this symbol of the coast, the colors white and yellow underline the beauties of natureAmalfi Collection is composed of a wide range of high quality items: serving platters, soup and dinner plates, cups, oil/vinegar bottles and so on; appetizer sets are composed of bowls with a modern design. A refined collection that underlines the beauty of Summer.

Mediterraneo Collection: the magic of tradition. Pottery and majolica, bright colors, oriental arabesques. The mediterranean style makes you recall the coastal views overlooking the sea of the same name, their atmosphere and their climate. The design of this collection is very refined thanks to the elegant arabesques. There is a wide range of pieces: sets of soup, dinner and dessert plates and, to complete it all, cups and bowls and fashion papers with the same design. Thanks to Mediterraneo Collection, the atmosphere of your setting table is very special and rich in charm.

An happy Summer Table

Summer is the season of bright colors which convey tranquility, peace and vitality. So the table is perfect for both dinners with friends and cheerful meals with your children. Here is the design of the most colorful collections.

Colour Splash Collection: happiness and colors. This collection is a touch of joy on the table. The color is the star on plates, cups, teapots and trays. Any item has an irregular shape, a typical handmade feature. If you are a color lover, you can’t miss this collection where cheerfulness is guaranteed.

Shibori Collection: the abstract design with the colors of Summer. Shibori is a typical Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique that produces a lot of different patterns. The result is original and very creative. Easy Life uses the same design for this collection with blue, yellow and white nuance, typical colors of Summer. Shibori Collection is composed of many sets of plates and cups; there are also appetizer sets with little bamboo saucers.

Ciotola per tavola in giardino

Summer Table and the wonder of travel

And then there are the travels, typical during this season. You can also bring some of this wonder on the table thanks to sets of dishes with a particular design. Here are some Easy Life proposals.

Alhambra & Granada and Maiolica: exotic atmospheres. The Alhambra citadel is one of the main attractions of Granada in Andalusia, a region of Spain. In the Arabic language it is known as “Red City” because of the color of the stone buildings. This color has inspired this beautiful Easy Life collection which makes you dream of travels and fascinating countries, above all on the table set with brightly colored plates, cups and table mats. Alhambra & Granada Collection brings a touch of Arab Culture on the table!

Created to make you recall colors and atmospheres of Majorca Island, Maiolica Collection is composed of a wide range of items: plates and appetizer sets with little bamboo saucers. The word Majolica has been used to describe types of pottery; the most famous is a type of pottery that reaches Italy from Spain, Majorca in particular. It is characterized by an opaque white glazed surface decorated with brush-painting metallic color, like Maiolica Collection. The result is charming and underlines Summer and the wish to travel, typical of this season.

Setting a Sea Themed Table

An amazing and enjoyable suggestion is to use sets of dishes and decorations that recall the sea: a real sea themed table! The predominant color of the table is obviously blue and all its shades. Decorations could be shells and sand collected in jars arranged on the table as original and nice centerpieces.

Bord de Mer and Mistral are Easy Life collections suitable for this idea; thanks to both of these collections, you already feel at the sea!

Discover Easy Life Collections to set a Summer Table in a creative way.